At this moment, I am joyfully looking forward to a week of vacation with my youngest sister.  I live in Wisconsin and she in Florida.  Though we are 6 years apart in age and have very different personalities, we have come to be each other’s best supporter.  She called me last night to ask a couple of questions that could easily have been answered when I arrived, but I think she, like me, just wanted to connect in anticipation of my arrival.  

Though she as hostess looks for a “fun” event or two in her geographical area during our visit, mostly we just enjoy being with each other – sharing stories, teasing each other, offering support to each other through life’s challenges, and laughing a lot.  We have come to respect and honor our unique personalities and life choices.  


My relationship with my biological sisters (there were 5 of us growing up together) has prepared me well for being sister with my nearly 300 Dominican Sisters.  As Dominicans of Sinsinawa, we say, “Relationship is at the heart of ministry.”  This relationship of sisterhood is indeed a blessing.     


To whom are you sister?

Are you called to try out sisterhood with us?


Anne Sur, OP

East Dubuque, IL