In spite of faithful adherence to social distancing….

… we definitely still find ways to have fun in our neighborhood!

Making donuts at Betty’s apartment. 

(Well, basically she made them. I watched, sampled, offered free comments, and did the photography!)

I also wore a flower in my hair.
I have no clue. But at least it matched
my t-shirt!

Then there was the evening they repaved Sisseton’s main drag.

Naturally, a group of us just HAD to haul our lawn chairs out to the curb to clap (each time they passed) and take pictures.  It is okay if you find yourself feeling jealous that we get all the fun. That’s just how it goes. Maybe you will luck out and get some road repairs in your neighborhood this summer. Then you can have the fun, too!

On rainy days, we break out the 3d Virtual Reality goggles from Tiospa Zina…

and discover that it is almost as much fun to watch my friend Claudia “riding a roller coaster” in 3d as it was fun for her to ride it. 

No worries. We stayed more than six feet apart on this one too.

The final exciting activity for last week was the day Betty brought home her new paper shredder. Although you can probably guess from the hesitant look on her face (below) that she was still concerned it might leap up and grab her fingers, she actually did master feeding multiple layers of paper into the new machine. As we bid her good night and headed home to our humble abodes, we all recommended that she not get carried away. This was directly after she almost shredded her check book. 

Clearly, weeks and months of COVID stay-at-home has offered all of us some wonderful challenges for making time fly. As you can surely see, time flies when we’re havin’ fun!