Spring Blizzard Knocks out Power to Thousands

And, for once, it wasn’t aimed at us.[link]

Brother George over on Standing Rock Reservation probably got clobbered by it, though.

Here, we had a good, soaking rain, lots of thunder and lightening, and some early-season tornado watches that no one ever seems to pay any attention to.

It was also quite warm and humid, warm enough that I kept my bedroom window closed to stay cool.

Heck, with ever increasing hope, I even packed away my snow boots for the season.

It also turned out to be a good weekend for spring cleaning. 

So far,

I have completely cleaned two springs. 


I then dropped one and it rolled behind the desk. 

Hopefully, it is not absolutely essential for anything.

I must admit, I pretty much like this South Dakota version of spring cleaning. I even had time for a nap!