I’m getting ready for a retreat at home again this year. If you have ever done it, you know it is a challenge to get into a retreat space of mind and heart without getting away physically from your space. However, with the pandemic, I think it is the better choice to retreat at home again. 

Having done this with mixed success in the past, I am garnering resources for my retreat at home – or what I’m calling my stay-treat. I thought I might just be able to google this, but alas, it isn’t that easy. So I’m gathering some resources and I thought I would share them here – and please feel free to share your resources as well. These are, in no particular order:

    – Pray as you go

    – Meditation Retreat at Home

    – Covid Isolation Retreat

    – Laudato Si Retreat

    – Laudato Si Retreat Guide

    – Women’s Christmas Retreat

    – A Path Called Solace

Last year, I did a ‘coffee retreat’. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Basically, I identified several life-long friends and scheduled a virtual coffee with them during the retreat week. That was the thread that kept my retreat ‘on track’. We were able to catch up, honor the God-space in each of us, and nurture that space. What a gift that was. 

This year, I know that I need to put some things in place:

1. Have a gentle spiritual path, with periodic check-ins to help keep on that path. I like directed retreats for that reason. 

2. Have a good walking routine. I love to take long prayer walks, usually several times a day. I usually try to go south during our Missouri winter, so that I can warm up, body and soul.

3. Make sure I have sufficient healthy foods around. I like that about the retreat – not having to worry about food and being surprised by nourishing meals several times a day. 

4. Have a playlist ready, get an ice-skating pass, and prepare to be amazed by grace!