There’s More to This than Veggies

I’m sure you chuckled at yesterday’s tongue-in-cheek reflections on the free box of vegetables and fruit received from our tribal food give-away. 

Today, though, I’d like to challenge you to tackle a much harder topic: white privilege.

It’s a phrase being heard a lot as we either participate in or watch protest marches, follow fires and riots on the evening news, and even hear some of our more courageous pastors preach on the issue of racism in our world. It’s also a phrase that makes most of us, who are white, a bit nervous and often defensive…. while often causing those of us who are not white to shake their heads and sigh.

What can we do, we wonder… this whole issue is important but…. but, it’s so…. BIG. 

True, that.

But one of the gifts of our country’s (and our world’s) newly heightened awareness of the complicity of people who are white in sustaining racist social, political, educational, health, law enforcement, and other systemic structures is the easy access to reflections, resources, and recommendations that can allow us to take up our (white) responsibility to create justice.

Here are some excellent resources:

This first one is one of my favorite resources because it not only offers easy access to various ideas, insights, and questions but also challenges us to make a 21 day effort to our own change and growth. I’ll post some other options in the days ahead. This reality of racism, and our roles in sustaining it, form the “signs of our times.”

I’m going to take the 21 day challenge. Will you join me?