Third Sunday of Lent


Today we mark the third Sunday of Lent, the Gospel prepares us to hear Lent’s call to conversion and repentance. Today’s reading from St. Luke reveals to us a God who is compassionate and patient not punitive and vindictive.  During his journey to Jerusalem, Jesus teaches and heals.  He must also respond to those who question and challenge his authority and actions.

The parable of the barren fig tree contrasts the patience and hopefulness of the gardener with the practicality of the property owner. When told to cut down the fig tree because it is not producing fruit, the gardener counsels patience. If properly tended, the barren fig tree may yet bear fruit. 

Throughout his journey to Jerusalem, Jesus has been teaching about the Kingdom of God. In this parable, we find an image of God’s patience and hopefulness as he prepares his Kingdom. God calls us to repent and turn our lives around.

This week I have been listening to a song by Anne Quigley, There is a Longing in our Hearts.  It spoke to me of the journey of Lent.  I share the words and invite you to spend some time praying with the words.
             There is a longing in our hearts, O Lord
             for you to reveal yourself to us
             There is a longing in our hearts, O Lord
             for love we only find in you, our God
For justice, for freedom, for mercy, hear our prayer
In sorrow, in grief, be near, hear our prayer, O God
For wisdom, for courage, for comfort, hear our prayer
In weakness, in fear, be near, hear our prayer, O God
Lord, save us, take pity, light in our darkness
We call you (we call you) we wait (we wait)
Be near, hear our prayer, O God

This song gives me hope.  Our loving God refuse to abandon us, he chooses to attend to us. Let us live this week remembering God’s abundant love for us.