The Community’s Cup is overflowing with Divine Cosmic Presence!

You and I, along with all life, are privileged to sit and sip together around its rim.


Hand-picked leaves of compassionate love, forgiveness and inclusion have been seeped together to create this brew.


Really smell life’s aromas. 

Feel their textures.

Taste their flavors.

See similarities and differences in this ONE Cosmic Cup of Tea.


Eighty-five of us from twelve different countries (Nigeria, Spain, Philippines, Canada, Jamaica, Kenya, USA, Iraq, Lebanon, Belgium, England, Australia) attended an English boarding school, in Southern England. We slept, played, prayed, talked and ate together.


When Tea Time came around, each of us excitedly brought out our prized treat packages received from home to share at table.


As Sinsinawa Dominicans I believe we live on the rim of this Cosmic Cup, looking outward and looking inward. Grounded in Contemplative Wholeness. I personally imagine the Community of “tomorrow” to be “today.” Where people of different countries and faiths live and pray together. 

Sipping tea, will you and I show the World Community how we share our prized heritages and living in harmony creating an Ecosystem where all species thrive?

Caroline Sullivan, OP

DePere, WI