Today is our Day of Giving

Today is the day! It’s our Day of Giving and we need your help!

Here at the ministry, we have a BOLD mission and vision! We are champions for women religious and love to share their awesome stories. It is through these stories that our online community has found hope, inspiration, joy and meaning for their own lives. 

We hear from people like Anna who writes: “I wanted you to know what a positive impact your podcasts and blogs have made in my life. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.”

Your donation today helps us to produce, provide and promote these amazing stories that are impacting people’s lives, like Anna. Every donation received during this campaign will go toward the support of our programming—blogs, videos, podcasts—all the goodness that you and so many people have come to appreciate.

While we recognize that not everyone is financially positioned to donate, we hope you will consider supporting the work of this ministry. You can make your donation through our secure online donation form or you can donate by mail: A Nun’s Life Ministry, PO Box 8704, Toledo, OH 43623.

We appreciate YOU and are so grateful that YOU are part of this amazing journey!