A vanity website address?

 I’ve been on the internet since… well, almost since it first went public! But, I’ve never had a VANITY ADDRESS until now!!



Hopefully, that didn’t overwhelm you too much. ?

As you noticed when you clicked through to see what it was, I’m volunteering for a March fundraiser called a RaiseWell 31 Day Wellness Challenge. It’s for the GBS/CIDP Foundation. This fundraiser is for GBS/CIDP research, and I’ll admit, I now have a personal interest in CIDP research.

You might also have noticed that, by working together, we’ve met my first and second fundraising goals even before we hit the official March 1 start of the 31 day challenge! That’s fantastic! Our next awesome goal is $750. It feels great to have so many folks team up with me on this!