What does it take to build a Mars rover?

 We managed to beat NASA (the real NASA) with our NASA (Native American Space Academy) rover building project! 

The Perseverence rover took years and years to develop and build. It needed a team of thousands. It had a multi-million dollar budget.


We needed a team of two or three, depending on who could get along with whom without bickering for the thirty-minute per Math period building sessions.

We needed a LOT of recycling to choose from. 

(Shout out to Tammi and her husband who helped me haul a room full of recycled materials from the convent to my classroom! I now have enough for the rest of the…century!)

And, we needed the creativity and energy only third and fourth graders can bring.

Check out our Mars rovers and think how very happy all those recycled items are now that they have a new purpose.