What shall I wear today?

Each morning as I prepare for the day I look in my closet and ask, “What shall I wear today?” The answer depends on different factors, e.g., the weather, my schedule, where I’ll be, how I feel, etc., etc. The outfit chosen reflects a number of mostly inconsequential factors, yet it is an important part of my day. In fact, what I am asking is, “Who am I today?’ or “What is my purpose?” Clothes are a significant aspect, a very personal aspect of ourselves. Clothes help to create the “persona” that I reflect to the world – my message. On the other hand, we could dig deeper and look at the persona within and ask what that reflects. Saint Paul says in his Letter to the Ephesians, chapter four, “You were taught to…clothe yourselves with the new self, created according to the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” In other words, we are invited to “put on Christ” and actually BE the persona, the image of God Incarnate, reflecting mercy, generosity, forgiveness and hope. What will YOU wear today? What is YOUR message to the world?


Mary Ellen Green, OP

Woodruff, WI