Who Am I Becoming?

As I was trying to decide on what to write for this blog my mind took to me to the book some of us sisters are presently reading. Ted Dunn’s book, Graced Crossroads.  In his book Ted writes about religious life today in U.S women congregations.  Ted shares about the “Great Turning.”  In one chapter in which he is considering all that is happening and changing in the world today.  In the book he examines how U.S. women religious congregations are fearing and are they going to survive or not with all the challenges they are facing today.  

I see religious life like a living and breathing organic system that is an organization and like many organisms it goes through various changes and how it handles those changes will decide if it survives, dies, or thrive.  This living organism goes through mountain tops and valley experiences.  Now we appear to be in a valley experience.  What are we becoming in religious life especially, namely, in our various congregations?  I think that this is a question for reflection.  

As I journey in becoming who God has created me to be, I think of religious life in a similar way as, ‘becoming’ who God has created it to be.  For transformation to happen in my life, it usually means I must go through transitions, which usually calls for letting go and dying to self before each transformation and my further becoming takes place.  If I am to become an even better version of myself, I must let go to become, I must die to the old and be open to the new.  Not forgetting the past but taking the learnings into the present and future.

Who am I becoming?

What are some of the things that the Holy Spirit is whispering to you/us and are we listening?

Sr. Lystra R. Long, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago