Who is my neighbor?


Sometime the Gospel is so familiar that we can almost recite it word for word.  Today’s Gospel begs the question, “Who is my neighbor?”  This morning at Mass the celebrant told the story of a many rushing through the airport who was late for his flight.  Inadvertently he knocked down a stand of apples.  Feeling guilty he stopped to help pick up the scattered apples.  He reached into his wallet and gave the owner $10 saying he hoped he hadn’t ruined her day.  Noticing the woman was blind he was surprised when she called after him and said, “Are you Jesus?”  The man was shocked as he continued to his gate.

Today’s Gospel causes us to ask the same question, “Who is my neighbor?”  As I prayed about this Gospel today, I was reminded of an ad for a local soup kitchen that is beginning to collect school supplies for children in the area.  Perhaps this is what today’s Gospel is calling us to.  We are called to help our brothers and sisters in any way we can.  As soon as July 4th is over the “Back to School” signs appear.  For many students it may feel like they just began summer vacation for others August brings the return to the new school year.

As we reflect on this call let us remember who our neighbors are and reach out to help them in any way we can.  It may be a simple smile, or it may be a generous donation.  Whatever it is remember someone may just recognize you as Jesus.