Yes, it makes a difference

 Here’s a chance to take 5 minutes and influence public policy.

As you may have heard on the news, the US Postal Service faces some significant restrictions due to funding needs. has links and information about it. 

If you vote by mail (and many see this as the safest option during COVID), get bills or meds via USPS, or if you understand the value of a service like the USPS to our society as a whole, I’d urge you to contact your US elected officials. 

You can use this service to find your two senators and one Congressman or Congress-woman to send them a note.

Or you can use the suggestions in the article to call directly on Monday morning.

I feel it’s pertinent for all of us that will be affected by cuts in postal services to let our elected officials know what we think…. regardless of your opinion about the issue.

Thanks for doing this one small act that can make a big difference.