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National Gathering

We're calling all young sisters to a time of deep sharing and action together! 

July 6-9, 2017
Iona College, New Rochelle, New York

The times in which we live demand both a stance of action and contemplation. How can we learn to lead effectively during these times? How can we work together to be bridges of compassion and aid in our communities? In what ways can we be Christ in our interactions and in the messiness of our lives? How can we train together to be love, to live from our sacred hearts? We are poised to lead, looking to the future without fear and with a profound sense of hope. How can our epiphanies shine light on our future?

Simultaneous translation will be available in Spanish and other requested languages. For questions or inquiries, please contact us by email at


Registration is open and can be done online using the link below. We encourage those interested to register ASAP so the planning team can make the necessary arrangements and manage logistics. 

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The National Gathering will begin with registration on the afternoon of Thursday, July 6th (1:00-4:30pm) and end with the lunch meal on Sunday, July 9th (approximately 1:00pm). 

The program will build off of the work done during spring PeerSpirit dialogue circles (see below). Giving Voice will welcome guest facilitator Teresa Posakony from Emerging Wisdom to help us delve deeper and explore our emerging wisdom as young women religious.

Teresa has 18 years of experience working with change, leadership, and dialogue. She's worked with individuals, organizations, networks and communities to see how to creatively and powerfully move forward amidst the changes we are seeing. Teresa is passionate about human potential, seeding innovation, adaptive leadership and designing participative change efforts.

The National Gathering will include circle conversations, open space technology, and project-based collaboration. To learn more about this approach, access the "how we meet and partner together" attachment below.   


Giving Voice has assembled travel information and recommendations in the document below. We encourage participants to review this and plan ahead for your trip to Iona College. It is important to note that Iona College is in New Rochelle, NY - a suburb of New York City.


Spring Circles

We invite you to join a Giving Voice PeerSpirit Dialogue Circle for Spring 2017. This is especially encouraged for summer conference participants as it prepares us for our time together in July. We’ll meet via Zoom, an online conference and collaboration platform. The intention is to be present for a series of 3 circle conversations with your group (75 minutes each). The themes each circle will explore are:

April: Healing Divisions: Contemplation and Action… How do we engage in this in our communities and in the wider world? How do we achieve this inner balance?

May: Building Bridges With Others… How do we build bridges with groups so often seen as “other,” particularly immigrants and refugees and across religious life?

June: Poised to Lead… How can Giving Voice sisters embody effective and prophetic leadership individually, in our communities, and out in the world?

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