Kristen Forgotch, ASC

Giving Voice gives me life because it gives me a place to share and connect with sisters who have some very similar experiences that I go through. My community of Adorers is my home and source which brings me back to my radiant center, Christ, but GV gives me hope and energy as we connect in so many great ways. As younger religious, we can do great things in our individual congregations, but when we are able to connect through GV, we come to life and can do so much more than we ever dreamed or imagined. 

Religious life to me means being called by God to be part of something that is so much bigger than myself. By myself I can do a lot of things, but when connected to others, we can positively affect the lives of all people in amazing ways. God calls us to continue the mission of bringing all people and things back to the beautiful order and religious life helps me do that fully.

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