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I recently learned in my Hebrew class that when God calls a person by name, God calls that person’s name twice (See Genesis 22:11, 1 Samuel 3:10).  The appropriate response to God’s call is always “Here I am.”  I was particularly tickled by this Biblical learning because from my first days after entering the Sisters of St Francis of Dubuque some of my Sisters and I called each other’s names twice in an affectionate greeting: Annie! Annie!  Sarah! Sarah!  Judy! Judy! 
As you read in the last newsletter, Giving Voice will be working with Plante Moran, PLLC to do a process of strategic planning. Below is an overview of the process which will include development, some assessment of our communication, and opportunities for leadership development for us. Please let us know if you have questions. We’ll communicate more as things unfold, and you'll definitely hear more about it at the upcoming conference. 
Summer brings the end of another school year! Next year I won’t be in the classroom, but the principal’s office. I am excited about the new job and yet I recognize I had the best job ever! I taught fifth grade girls. This year we went to the Zoo for an entire week. We dissected sharks, one of which the girls discovered was pregnant. The girls took charge of our school garden. While they were very disappointed to find out that kiwi and pineapple doesn’t grow successfully in Missouri, we do have... more
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