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Every time I attend a Giving Voice conference, gathering, retreat, share a phone call or get together with a few GV sisters, I always leave refreshed, renewed, energized and excited.  This year’s National Conference in Kansas City from August 6-9 was no exception.  
In Western New York we do no start school until after Labor Day. Grateful that Labor Day is late this year I sit at my desk skimming through my lessons from last year. A sigh escapes as I think; do I have enough energy, patience, and love to embrace this school year? Do I have anything to offer these inner city middle school girls? Their reality is so different from the way I grew up.  
Before, during and after the conference, we had a blog going so many others could join in-check it out at There you will see reflections, poems and songs that our sisters felt inspired to share about the conference.
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