Giving Voice Core Team

Leadership on the Giving Voice Core Team rotates among the members every few years. Core Team members generally serve no more than four years. Read below to learn more about the present Core Team members.  

  • Guadalupe Aguilar-Huanca, OLVM
    Sister Lupita first met her community at their mission in her native Bolivia and was struck by their commitment to fighting…
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  • Melissa Camardo, SCL
    Why are you a part of Giving Voice? From my first 20s/30s retreat, I loved the spirit of Giving Voice. It…
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  • Jenny Wilson, RSM
    I first attended a Giving Voice Retreat in Tampa Florida in 2009 when I was a novice. I couldn’t believe…
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  • Katty Huanuco, CCVI
    My first experience of Giving Voice was the National Gathering in 2015. I marveled at being in a community that celebrate and…
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  • Kristen Forgotch, ASC
    Giving Voice gives me life because it gives me a place to share and connect with sisters who have some very similar experiences that I go through….
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