I am grateful for the opportunity to have gathered in Phoenix, Arizona with 22 others, who are at various stages of formation in religious life. I felt we came together and created organic spaces where we could be ourselves, completely open to each other's journeying with our God and with this journey in religious life.

The time was a think tank of great energy on how do we best respond to our sisters and brothers: to listen and walk with them, to hear the urgency with which we need to respond to the Earth, to problems with education, healthcare, immigration reform, food -creating healthy food for all.  We conversed and prayed about many things and I felt completely at home with the space.

Meeting other young, empowered women, who share the same beliefs on food, exercise, prayer, sustainability, earth, spirit, mind-body connection and interconnectedness allowed me, GREAT HOPE for my future and the future I am co-creating with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and the greater sister family.  This time allowed me to express my values and beliefs and gave me a real voice, real power for carving out and claiming my voice in religious life.

I know how deeply the time affected me and allowed me to reaffirm my YES to religious life and its future.  Knowing that other young women who have similar backgrounds in education and life experience have chosen this path, allows me to not feel so alone on this journey.