Keeping Our Eyes on the Center

Just recently I was given a bouquet of sunflowers for my office as a welcoming gift from a faculty member at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula in the Bronx where I am beginning my tenure as principal.

In the course of our conversation as I was stating how beautiful the sunflowers were, there was mention of how sunflowers as they grow are always moving to face the sun. In a sense the sunflower is keeping its eye on the one who gave it life.

This struck me as a good comparison to the ministry of Giving Voice. Giving Voice is always keeping its focus on the core values of relationship building, mutuality, God and religious life. No matter what activities or tasks we find ourselves in; we need to keep remembering why Giving Voice was started and how we want to keep these core values always present among us.

Giving Voice has had some great moments, activities and news lately; we held our first ever 40's retreat in Seattle (read more about it below), was granted 501c3 status and we received a 1 million dollar grant from the Hilton Foundation to help us further our work and mission. How blessed we are!

As Giving Voice prepares to move into the future, it will, as it has been, keep its eye on our core values so we can continue to grow and evolve just like a sunflower does.