Sisters 2.0 – A New Movement

Sisters 2.0 is a movement of the new generations of women religious. In this peer-led, self-organized space, we network for visioning and fostering future oriented initiatives for religious life. We feel the need for creating spaces for conversation where we can share the experience of the new generations of women religious in today's communities, today's church and today's world. Sisters 2.0 is a place for engaging in conversations about where we are today in religious life, and where we are headed. Many of us are having similar conversations in our home communities, and these are immensely important conversations. We also feel the need to engage our peers on these topics. We value opportunities to move in and out of congregational circles, and to move in and out of peer-sister circles in mutually supportive ways.

Some decades back, women religious in their thirties and forties gathered to create a space for 'giving voice' to their experience. These sisters have "aged out" of Giving Voice but still feel the need for continuing conversation. We generally describe ourselves as the generations of sisters born after 1955. We have been gathering for a few years in self-organized circles to describe this experience and to imagine and create the forum that will help to support us at this stage. Sisters 2.0 emerged from this process. 

Giving Voice remains the space for the youngest generations of sisters as they seek to give voice to their experience and support one another. At the same time, those sisters are welcome to join Sisters 2.0 and join in this new conversation as it suits their needs.

(This is an edited excerpt from Amy Hereford's blog Mystics and Prophets. You can read more about Sisters 2.0 here: Mystics and Prophets-Sisters 2.0. If you'd like more information, you can contact Amy here:  amyhereford@gmail.com. You can also check out the Sisters 2.0 Facebook Group here: Sisters 2.0.)