The Nuns on the Bus are hitting the road again July 11-29!

This time around, the sisters will be driving through the midwest and the northeast, from the Republican Convention to the Democratic Convention with the message that we must "Mend the Gaps" in our society! Too many people are falling further behind because they aren't able to earn a living wage, and far too many people are excluded from the process altogether because their voting rights aren't protected or they are unable apply for citizenship. The sisters are driving hundreds of miles and stopping in 21 cities to encounter people who have been pushed to the margins, and to spread the message that we must mend the wealth and access gaps in our country! The Nuns on the Bus especially need the support of sisters from across the country and from every community to make this happen. If you will be in any of the cities the sisters are stopping in, please attend our events and help us spread the word. If you are not able to join the bus in person, we rely greatly on prayers and donations to fuel the journey. For more information about how you can participate in this incredible pilgrimage of love and hope, please reach out to Sarah Spengeman at NETWORK:  sspengeman@networklobby.org. 

The Nuns on the Bus will be visiting:  Madison, WI; Janesville, WI; Peoria/Normal, IL; Springfield, IL; Jefferson City, MO; St. Louis, MO; Terre Haute, IN; Fort Wayne, IN; Toledo, OH; Cleveland, OH (RNCC); Erie, PA; Rochester, NY; Albany, NY; Concord, NH; Manchester, NH; Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Hartford, CT; Scranton, PA; Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA (DNCC).