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Our Country in Need of Prayer

In the Gospel from October 12, the message was to pray always and persistently. The homily really focused on how often times it is just easier to pray rote prayers, focus our prayer on other’s needs or when we need something right now.  The priest reminded us of the importance of praying ahead of time. For instance, knowing an important decision needs to be made or a busy day is ahead of you.  The importance of taking the time to pray before the day begins or before the decision needs to be made.  So often I find this to be true in my day-to-day ministry.  Three months ago I began a new ministry at the Eco-Justice Center in Racine, WI, a sponsored ministry of the Racine Dominicans.  This place has 15 acres in gardens, buildings, animals, and renewable energy and does a great job of environmental education.  Every day holds something new and unexpected. Having prayed the morning before, I often times find that extra boost of energy or insight needed when working with the challenges of the day. This could include a sick animal, a tree that has come down, or a piece of machinery that has quit working.

As our Presidential election nears, I wonder about our next president and whether she or he sets time aside to reflect on important decisions or meetings before they occur? In my daily life, I find reflection/prayer time is very necessary. As our country’s political system strains under the divisiveness of this election, we are all in need of reflective prayer.

Another area our country needs persistent prayer for is immigration reform.  In Giving Voice’s Convergence on the Border we had good synergy around this issue and raised our prayers and voices in solidarity with people in need of the rights and protections of U.S. citizens. Please read the next article by Sister Maria Guadalupe who attended the Convergence on the Border.

Sister Rejane Cytacki, SCL