No Justice. No Peace.

We Cry Out for Racial Justice

Yesterday several Catholic organizations came together and issued a call to racial justice, "We Cry out for Racial Justice."

Giving Voice stands in solidarity with these efforts and encourages our Church and world to engage in ongoing reflection, education, conversion and action around issues of individual and systemic racism.

The letter implores all of us to enter into renewed action around creating a more just world community.

"As Catholic organizations committed to building God’s beloved community, we confess our own complicity and that of our organizations and our Catholic Church in the institutional racism that continues to plague our society. We have failed our black and brown brothers and sisters.  We are guilty of both conscious and unconscious discrimination and acknowledge that we have manifested racist attitudes and behaviors in our personal lives and in the structures, policies, practices and procedures of our organizations.

As organizations, we have been moved by the courage of high school and college students, parents, professional athletes, and others in local communities large and small who have taken a bold stand for racial justice.  We support your commitment to justice and thank you for taking nonviolent action that has sparked important conversations about our struggle to recognize and value the dignity of each and every person in our society."

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