New Life

On my desk, I keep a tattered post-it note that reads, “Because of you, I can do something.” A few years ago, a client said this as he sat in my office talking about his new life. I still remember the moment he said that. I felt like an insignificant speck in his new life in Akron, Ohio, but, to him, I stood as a reminder of his new beginning. Who are the people in our own lives that call us to enter into the newness of life? What do these people represent? To me, this person is a constant reminder to remain present to each moment, to honor the people who journey with me and believe in me each day, and who remind me to look for the graces of God in all things.

As we enter into the Easter season, I reflect upon the new life I am a part of each day and for which I am yearning. As I write this, it is Holy Saturday, and the weather forecast is calling for snow and cold temperatures. I yearn for sunshine, green trees, and warm weather. In our country, I wait with hope for the day when all people are treated with the dignity with which we are all born. Yet, I am continually reminded that we live in the light of the resurrection. Each day, we are surrounded by miracles of life—the strength of those calling for change, of those lifting up the voices of those silenced, and the blessings of each new day.

Because of God’s life-giving love and the power of community, we can do something. We can stand together and bring the light of Christ to the darkest corners of our world. We must be active participants in the bringing about of new life.