Excitement grows for the National Gathering!

“I attended my first Gathering at Iona in 2017. From the moment I registered, there was someone there to welcome me! Video welcomes and personalized emails came in advance of the Gathering. By the time I arrived at Iona, I felt known by name. It was a wonderful way to be welcomed in by a group of strangers. Over the past two years, I’ve stayed in contact with sisters I met and been introduced to the wider Giving Voice community. As a member of the planning committee, I’m excited for this year’s Gathering. It is a joy to be able to open my arms and heart wide to welcome new and returning faces and to explore the boldness and beauty of communion!”
-Sr. Kathryn Press, ASCJ

“I have participated in a [Giving Voice] retreat once before and it was a great experience. Connecting with my peers from other religious congregations is always refreshing and exhilarating. I am looking forward to meeting other sisters, reconnecting with friends and making new ones. Giving Voice is a wonderful opportunity for us, younger religious to build intercommunity relationships and make lasting friendships and connections that will serve to make our communities stronger. Religious life is beautiful and working together we make our witness more powerful. Can’t wait till June!”
– S. Angela Szczawinska, CSFN

“I can hardly wait for Giving Voice’s national gathering this summer. I look forward to re-connecting with companions on my journey in religious life, making new connections, and being myself among peers. Every gathering I’ve attended has brought a deep sense of belonging and a strengthening of my vocation to religious life in my own congregation. We will have silly moments and belly laughter, and deep conversations that touch the heart of who we are. What better way is there to share the boldness and beauty of our communion!”
– Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ

“I am coming to this gathering to CONNECT!  I look forward to connecting with my peers across generations and congregations.  For me, it is the power of our connection with one another that reminds me of our connection to God and to the world.  It is our connectedness to each other, to Jesus Christ and to God that sustain me and that propels me in mission.

I’m looking forward to being together with women who inspire me to unreservedly  be my bold and beautiful self.  I’m looking forward to being a in that sacred space where no explanations are needed for who we are and what we are about.  And finally, I’m excited to hear about and celebrate the wonderful and unique ministries of my peers.  And who knows; maybe we’ll even get to celebrate our lesser known gifts for kickball, poetry, or puns!”
-Sr. Kelly Moline, OP

We hope you can join us this summer in St. Louis! Learn more & Register here by June 1!