Survey: Women Religious and the New Cosmology

Giving Voice Sisters who have made first or perpetual vows are invited to participate in an anonymous, 25-question survey entitled “Women Religious and the New Cosmology.”  The survey serves as an initial investigation into a research project being carried out by Laurie Brink, OP and Rhonda Miska, OP: “How does Jesus Christ function within the New Cosmology, and what are the implications of that role for Catholic Women Religious for whom a relationship with Christ is constitutive of their vocation?”  

The survey is available through SurveyMonkey and can be accessed in English through clicking on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Sisters_Survey (y se puede completar en español en Survey Monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HERMANAS_ENCUESTA)

We encourage participants to plan to spend about half an hour taking the survey, and is best suited to taking on a computer, not a hand-held device. The survey is available from October 21, 2019 until November 13, 2019. 

All who are interested in following this research, sharing their ideas, and joining in the conversation are most welcome to do so through the research project blog “In The Beginning…”on the Catholic Theological Union website.  Contact Srs Laurie and Rhonda at NCResearch@ctu.edu if you have questions about the survey or the research. We are grateful for your time and participation which will provide invaluable quantitative and qualitative data on this topic which is important to Women Religious in the United States and beyond.