Introducing new Core Team member, Erin McDonald

Introducing Giving Voice’s newest Core Team member, Erin McDonald, CSJLearn more about how Erin first got involved with Giving Voice, and her hopes for the future.

First experience with Giving Voice:

“My very first experience of Giving Voice was at the National Gathering in NY in 2017. I had heard many young sisters talk about GV but I had not had the opportunity to participate in a gathering until that point. My experience of that National Gathering is hard to put into words. I made new friends, shared prayer, laughter and tears. I learned about so many new charisms and communities and I even met other young sisters who lived in the same city as me but we didn’t know each other! This gathering helped my heart to understand in new ways that no matter how different we may be culturally or in our religious practices what we all hold in common is our faithful call to the vowed life and our deep desire to live the Gospels. God is good! All the time!”

Hope for Giving Voice:

“My hope for Giving Voice is that we continue to be a grassroots movement of vowed women religious who work to build a greater network of connection to each other and continue to innovate ways to support and inspire each other into the future. I hope that we can grow in our relationships with our fellow sisters in the LCWR and CMSWR networks and that we can continue to co-create the future of vowed religious life together. Rooted in Love of God and Love of Neighbor I believe that together we will live into a vibrant and faithful future!

I feel so blessed to be part of the Giving Voice network. I have lived in small towns and big cities and I know what it is like to feel isolated as the only new member around and to feel connected to a larger network of younger sisters with whom I can share prayer, life, joys and struggles. My first experience of Giving Voice was at the National Gathering in NY and it was truly a joyful and transformative experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the GV Core Team! I pray that, together, we can continue to deepen and grow our connections to each other and to our communal lives rooted in Christ.

Welcome, Erin!