Giving Voice scholarship awardee starts podcast

Giving Voice participant Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA, received a Leadership Initiatives Scholarship from Giving Voice, and with the funds began her very own podcast!

We are thrilled that in one of her first episodes, Sister Julia and interviewee Sister Mary Perez discuss the live-giving connections that the Giving Voice network provides young sisters. 

Learn more in our Q & A with Sister Julia!

Giving Voice: What inspired you to start a podcast?

Sister Julia: About 2 years ago, I had my first experience being a guest on a podcast. (I was The Gentile of the Week on Unorthodox’s Mother’s Day show, talking about my vocation and choice not to be a mother.) I enjoyed the experience a lot and it was followed by other podcast experiences. Around the same time, my energy about keeping my blog, MessyJesusBusiness.com, alive was waning. I sensed that trying something new, like Podcasting would refresh my energy for the ministry. Additionally, I was continuing to have several fascinating conversations with friends from different walks of life that were so rich that they’d sometimes feel as if they should be recorded and shared with a wider audience. I began to research and discern podcasting. I asked some sisters in my community for their input and they encouraged me to try and offered several tips. I gradually decided to merge it with my blog and give it a try.

Giving Voice: Which topics and themes will be covered in the podcast?

Sister Julia: The messiness of radical Gospel living, which includes service, social justice advocacy, simple living, community life, and contemplation. This also includes bridge building and intercultural relationships.

Giving Voice: Who is on your upcoming schedule to interview?

Sister Julia: I plan to interview Rev. Adam Bucko from the Center for Spiritual Imagination next week.

I’m currently editing interviews of Jessica Mesman (spiritual writer) and Hannah Bowman (Director of Christians for Prison Abolition) for upcoming episodes.

Giving Voice: Are there podcasts that you admire that you’ve modeled yours after?

Sister Julia: I’ve been listening to NPR my whole life, and love the podcasts they create too, such as RadioLab and To The Best of Our Knowledge. Mine is probably modeled after a combination of Jesuitical, Encountering Silence, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and The Image Podcast.

Giving Voice: How can the Giving Voice community participate in your podcast?

Sister Julia: I’d love it if people could listen, subscribe and share! If they use social media they can send input and ideas for future episodes through the new Messy Jesus Business Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Plus, I definitely intend to reach out to other Giving Voice sisters with invitations to be a guest, so if you hear from me, please prayerfully consider saying yes too! 

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