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Discernment News from the Core Team

Good news and exciting movement forward for Giving Voice! 

We are blessed to have Vicki Woulle, CSA accompany all of us as a discernment process facilitator this year. Through prayer, dialogue and circle process, Vicki will help us to clarify the “way of being” that best positions us to live out our vision – this includes a holistic approach to relationships and structures. In this moment of grace for us, we hope to expand our networks, explore new collaborations, enhance organizational stability and create space for new models of leadership and community that serve us well as consecrated women in the Church.

You can expect to hear more from the Core Team in the coming weeks and months about how Vicki will be journeying with us.


More about Vicki:

Passion about emerging systems, the potential of people, and the provocation of transformation (personal, local, and global) during times of change inspire Vicki to grow. Her current priorities are fostering relationships, growing in cultural sensitivity (diversity-equity-inclusion), organizational behavior and development, and conscious evolution as a practice of love. Her educational foundation is in Psychology, Theology and Leadership Studies, all of which influence her everyday interactions and the desire to be in conversation with those from diverse disciplines. Presently Vicki is working as a coach, consultant, and facilitator to support individuals and communities. As a former Giving Voice participant she is passionate to work with us.