Culture and Discernment Day of Reflection

Day of Reflection for Discerning Women

Do you know a woman in discernment who could benefit from a morning of reflection on interculturality and discernment? If so, please invite her! Or, are you a woman in discernment? If so, you’re welcome to come for a morning of reflection and a space to explore vocation in community. We’ll have a panel, time for personal reflection, and group conversation to help us to deepen our understanding of culture and discernment. Please RSVP here to receive the Zoom link: 

This program is offered by sisters from seven different congregations, and we hope to create a sacred, encouraging space for discerners to connect with one another in a supportive community. The opportunity is open to any single, Catholic woman, ages 18-45, who is curious about apostolic (ministry-based) religious life or in discernment, whether with a specific congregation or not, including those in a pre-novitiate stage. We welcome discerners from cultural, ethnic backgrounds not well-represented in U.S. religious life as well as white discerners who want to reflect on the intersection of culture and discernment. We do this in a spirit of support, solidarity, and inclusion.

You will notice a number of Giving Voice Sisters involved in this event: Sisters Jessi Beck, PBVM, Siobhan Burroughs, OP, Chero Chuma, CSJP, Katty Huanuco, CCVI, Leslie Keener, CDP, Tracy Kemme, SC, and Jessica Vitente, SP.