Calling In all White People

 Although I wasn’t able to participate in this webinar discussion in person, I did get the link and follow up materials.
How is that helpful?
It makes it possible for me to share the video discussion and “action options” paper with you!!
The Sisters of the Divine Savior have two justice priorities for this three-years. 

  • Laudato Si and Climate Justice and
  • Anti-Racism

I suspect we will be sharing a lot about these in this blog, but there are soooo many interconnected issues and opportunities in these two themes, we’ll be able to learn a ton of new information and activities.

Here’s the link to the webinar mentioned above. Here’s a link to the transcript. And here’s the “Action Guide” with specific suggestions for “next steps.”

How might the webinar discussion help you?

It’s a discussion for White people who want to better understand their role in the anti-racism movement.  It’s rooted in the understanding that it is the responsibility of Whites to “name, claim” and transform unjust structures, recognizing that “White privilege” means responsibility for change. 

This is an interesting perspective for us, isn’t it? How might we become part of that level of societal transformation? Why not listen and find out?