“I can see clearly – now”

For some, the title words will quickly bring the song and its’ melody to mind.  I’m thinking about the last time I heard that song and who I was with.  It was recent.

There are so many ways we connect as Sisters and in this time of Covid-19 some of us in the Chicago area zoom a couple of times a month to share our news.  

One of the Sisters in our group got news that her cancer had returned.  It was hoped that treatment would bring her some time, but it was soon clear that was not to be.  She made the decision to enter hospice.  And many of her friends, colleagues and Sisters took turns being with her around the clock.

During my first visit, we could hear a guitarist and singer visit another patient.  At one point she began the singing: “I can see clearly, now…”  Michelle opened her eyes and looked at me, I began singing the song and to my delight, she tried a few words herself.  

As we shared that moment, I considered how she would soon see more clearly and quietly prayed for her journey.  It was a tender moment and now memory.  It was a gift.

What tender moment comes to mind for you as you read the blog?  How are you as you remember?

Roberta A Popara, OP
Westchester IL