I need a haircut—badly!

When I look in the mirror or push my hair out of my eyes, it seems like a big deal.  Yet I know, in the grand scheme of things these days my complaint is rather silly.  During the six weeks we’ve been staying at home I’ve become aware of a lot of different realities—the heroism of health workers and people making sure we have food, the creativity of so many homebound families, the oneness of our world, the need to work together, the beauty of our planet, and the list could go on.
So what am I to do?  I could whine a lot, trim my hair myself, try a new hair style, or put the whole issue in a more global perspective.  
What are some of your challenges these days?  What is God calling you to do or be these days?  How will your life be changed when this is all over?
LouAnne Willette OP
Austin, TX