Nurture Life’s Blessings

The pandemic has distinctively changed my perspective on life. I find blessings that I used to take for granted and welcome new learnings. Relationships have strengthened and new ones formed. My spiritual life is deepening as well. 

Each summer for the past 20 years I have participated in a retreat entitled Nurturing Life’s Blessings. Last year we had a “virtual” retreat and I missed being together, in person, in a place that is extra holy ground at Siena Retreat Center in Racine, WI. 


This summer we gathered at Siena Retreat Center. What a difference! We adapted to the new protocols for safety and also appreciated being together. The gifts of nature and being with others truly nurtured my spirit. I celebrate this sacred time. Being on the team and creating the rituals for each day expands my love of life. I am also privileged to companion women on their journey and learn from them. The Spirit’s presence was palpable.


Lake Michigan graces the sacred space and it attracts retreatants. 


“All you who are thirsty, come to the water.” 

Come. . .to receive and be nourished, 

          . . .to listen to the voice of God within,  

          . . .to renew your faith, your hope, and your efforts for a world of peace and justice.


For what do you thirst? May you find the time and space to nurture your blessings.


Mary Therese Johnson, OP

Dominican sister of Sinsinawa 

On mission at Sinsinawa Mound