The Open


The Open Door of NOW

Here at the CDN, we are able to attend Mass pretty frequently and have our Thursdays specifically reserved for a reflection day.  Our theme for last Thursday’s reflection day was to focus on different types of doors, “The Open Door of Now.”  Moving deeply in contemplation, many of us were invited to journey and reflect on the call to open many different doors in order to discover God’s unending love and grace for us.   

Left picture: Doors on the third floor.  Right picture: Front doors at 4950 S Ellis Ave, Chicago

Are we ready to say YES when we hear the bell ring to open the doors? One of our goals for all of us this year is to strengthen our relationship with God and with all those around us, to be able to listen, to hear, and to see God in all creation. We strive to foster and deepen our relationship with God both in our small community and surrounding communities.  

Surprisingly, when we ask, God gives us many graces.  There are many doors that begin to open. We are five unique sisters with different cultures, backgrounds, education, ages…at the CDN house (further information in our previous blog). We are also connecting with many other communities such as the Intercommunity Novitiate, CTU, local communities of other congregations, churches, ministries, and many others. This includes the Live Out Loud community with many brothers and sisters, near and far around the world. We are learning to embrace many diversities, gifts, celebrations, and we share each other’s challenges and joys. We now have many opportunities to collaborate, work, celebrate, and interact with each other.


Left picture: Cathy Arnold, OP and Lorraine Reaume, OP opened doors to welcome the three new novices.  Right picture: Reflection day with local communities: Sisters from the Society of the Sacred Heart, the Felician Sisters, and Sisters from the Intercommunity Collaborative Novitiate, including Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange, a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, and a  Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration.

Everyday of our lives, we are called to “open the door of now,” the many doors that our God is longing and calling us to discover in order to deepen our relationship and understanding.  I am excited and happy that God has given us many doors to open and I am trusting that God will be there together with us when we are ready to open a new door. This reminded me of the Father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, who welcomed his son back with an open door, and our directors Lorraine and Cathy who opened doors to welcome us when we arrived. 

Entering an open door doesn’t mean that there are no challenges. There are times God challenges us with an open door that we do not want to enter or we are not ready for yet. But  grateful for God’s faithfulness and love, we know we are not alone as we enter these many doors.