Preaching Opportunities

One of the Dominican charisms is preaching the Word, but since I moved to Madison, I have not had many opportunities to preach.  So, when I was asked to be one of the preachers and leaders of Eucharistic Word services at an assisted living facility where many of our sisters are in residence I said yes.

Though I appreciate the chance I have now to preach it doesn’t mean this is an easy thing for me to do.  I spend time in prayer with the readings; I check the internet for the reflections of others; I sometimes agonize over what I will say.  However, as soon as I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me and trust that the Holy Spirit knows what the sisters need to hear, the words start to flow. Sometimes I’m surprised at what I am writing but I know I can trust the Spirit.  With the guidance of the Spirit, I will continue to say yes to preaching, difficult as it can be at times.


How have you known the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life? 


Marie Lucek, OP

Madison, WI