One morning I was on my 8:00am weekly transformational leadership growth group conference call. Where some of us who are leaders in the local Catholic Church were sharing on what was our mission and purpose in our life.  When it was his turn to share the youngest member of our group who was in his early 30’s then proceeded to tell us that he did not subscribe to having a mission and purpose for his life.   Well, to say the least I could not believe what I was hearing.  Why would this thirty something year old not think that there was a purpose for his life? 

It made me think of myself and my journey to discovering my purpose.  I did not always know what it was until I realized that you and I are here on this earth now for a reason.  It is not by chance or coincidence, it is to fulfill our purpose.  We are not called to merely exist, but to thrive.  Figuring out and living our purpose in life makes us thrive and not merely survive.  

If I do not know my purpose and do it, then who will?  I was born to live and achieve my purpose. 

I never wanted to become a religious sister (aka nun), I had other plans for my life.  However, after running and hiding from God for years I decided to give this sister thing a chance.  That was the best decision of my life, because here I am eighteen years later, despite the many challenges that have come my way, I am still happy, fulfilled and filled with joy that I am living out my purpose in various ways.  My purpose has evolved in many ways and have taken me on different paths on the journey, many mountain tops and valley experiences.   I am at this point of my journey ministering with persons whose marriages have failed.

I know that everyone’s life has a purpose, and we spend time here on earth trying to figure out what our purpose is and then living into it.  Purpose can be one thing or several things.  When we know our purpose, we are awakened, and we begin to live the life we were created for.

Do you believe that your life has a purpose?

Sr. Lystra R. Long, OP

St. Joseph.  Trinidad & Tobago