So much for culinary creativity

There’s this blender-thing someone gave us as a gift. It’s been sitting in our cupboard. I decided to make a “smoothie” since there’s no way I’m paying 5 bucks for one at the local “Three Bean Coffee” shop here in town.

So, I look at what I have in the fridge (which is actually quite a lot right now- Sr. Betty V. spent some time visiting. She brought some goodies, and I did food shopping just before she came.)

This is what happens when one mixes zucchini, broccoli, the last bit of vanilla yogurt, a small cup of applesauce, a drying up peach, and the last of the almond milk:

Maybe it’s just ‘cuz it’s green?

Looking on the brighter side, I did manage to drink it. And it helped use up the fruit and veggies before they get all wrinkly and droopy. 

(No snide comments regarding getting wrinkly and droopy. Yes, you know I am talking to you!!)

I am traveling to Milwaukee for meetings the day after tomorrow, so I better get busy with smoothie-making to use up the rest of what’s waiting!