Word Search

Is there a word that can express how we feel as we witness war and horrific destruction in Ukraine? Our hearts break as we watch the endless flow of refugees into the surrounding countries – and our hearts are moved by the welcome they are receiving. We are so grateful that they are being received and cared for, and we worry about their futures.


Can we also get in touch with another reality – the lack of welcome of refugees from Syria and Africa into the countries that border the Mediterranean?  And in our own country, the treatment of asylum seekers from Central and South America, Mexico, Haiti, and those from Muslim-majority countries? Could it be that we fear those who do not look like us or believe as we do?


I read recently that the Cheyenne believe that the Great Spirit gives each person a certain number of words at birth. When the last of those words is spoken, the person dies.*

In this turbulent and frightening time in our world, if we had one more word to speak, a word that would make a difference, what might it be?

Welcome….?     Truth….?    Peace….?      ­­­­ ­­­­­…… ?     


*Old Monk by Mary Lou Kownacki, p.40


Erica Jordan, OP

Kenosha, WI