To ZOOM or not to zoom

“Zoom” used to mean “move very fast in your favorite vehicle”

Now we say “I am zoomed out”.  I attend more meetings and events now that I no longer get in my car to zoom from one meeting to the next.  I just push a few buttons on my computer.


Two ZOOMS one after the other were helpful to me as I work with others to advocate for changes in the criminal justice system.  


Where does your passion for justice lead you?


There are so many worthwhile initiatives.  


After my second ZOOM, I stayed on to talk with my coworker.  What do we need to do? Where should we go from here? Then my friend shared a poem from Martha Postlethwaite, which I share here:


Do not try to save

the whole world

or do anything grandiose

Instead, create

a clearing

in the dense forest

of your life

And wait there 


until the song

that is your life

falls into your own cupped hands

and you recognize and greet it.

Only then will you know

how to give yourself to this world

so worthy of rescue.


To what are we being called? Let’s wait.

The Holy Spirit will come.


Joan Duerst OP

Madison, WI